Miss Saigon at Broadway Theater

First Broadway show! Fifteen years now but I remember it like it was yesterday…

Went to the matinee show and was lucky enough to catch DeeDee Lynn Magno perform as Kim. Chris was played by the understudy, Jay Douglas, but no complaints here. Luyong Wang , who played the Engineer, was at his funny best and the audience appreciated him whenever he appeared onstage.

The show was everything I expected except for the first act finale which I thought was the part where Kim kills Thuy but maybe that’s because I had been so used to listening to the CD.

I met the 3 principals after the show and got DeeDee to sign my playbill.

Deedee MagnoThe signed Playbill

IMG_3362Jay Douglas who played Chris

Jay Douglas

Luyong Wang who played The Engineer

Luyong Wang


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