Introduction and Repetition

This page chronicles the Meisner Technique classes I am currently taking with Michelle Meyrink of Open Stages Studio.

The first few posts are from notes I took and by Day 5 or 6, I would have caught up to be more current.

Note that all names, except for the instructor, had been changed for privacy purposes.

Day 1 – Introduction and Repetition

I had very little idea of what I was in for and the good thing was that this class not only had people doing the class for the very first time, everyone, including my husband are all within the same age range, giving some sense of relation… and aged connection.

Outside Theatre

After everyone’s introduction, we were oriented on the Meisner technique and what it entails, what exercises are usually done and what we are to expect of the class.

Michelle instructed James* and Lydia* to show us how the exercise if done, and this officially started my training.

It was so hard for me to grasp what I should be doing, being very technical and all, and it was a very rocky start for me.  We were partnered with someone and with most of us in the dark as to what we were doing, we ended up making conversation instead, with the exercise interjected in.

Next up, we were put up on stage and were instructed to do the exercise in front of everyone.  I thought my nervousness would get to me but to my surprise, it didn’t, and it felt the same way when I was dancing in high school and college – like riding a bike if you must.

So far, so good.  The repetition exercise, although not as easy as it looks, looks like something I am able to do with practice.

Now that it tapped my interest, I am now looking into researching on this technique to get to know more and go from there.

* Names have been changed for privacy purposes

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