The Vancouver KINO Movement

Back in ’08, one of my friends initiated the Kino movement in Vancouver which I had involvement in doing graphic design and promotion, and event coordinating.

Kino is a means to be able to provide a venue for filmmakers – amateur and professional – to present their works. The films ranges anything from a basic homemade-feel video to a more budgeted short film feature, that, at least, from what I saw at the events.


The Vancouver Kino, then called VanKino, ran for a few months at a local bar, eventually dissolving just about when it attracted students from the Vancouver Film School. Apparently, the then manager of the bar wasn’t too happy with the crowd that assembled and didn’t let the movement operate there again, and because we could not find a venue that would accommodate the event at the budget we had (none), the movement then went into oblivion.

There seems to be a lot of cells (what they call the different locations) still operating around the world, and I really hope that there will be someone in Vancouver that brings it back since, after all, Vancouver is Hollywood North, so it would just make sense to have one here.

I would love to revive it, but given the multiple things I have on my plate right now, I’m afraid I might not be able to properly organize it, and seeing it go down the second time would not be a good thing.

To know more about the Kino movement, or to start one up, visit

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