My Struggles with the Human Anatomy

During university, my most difficult subject is human anatomy. Be it drawing or painting, I have managed to skew up my proportions and with several courses that I had to take on the subject matter to get my degree, these were ones that really humbled up my transcript. Those live model sessions were a nightmare.




Interestingly enough, I had aspirations of being a fashion designer at that time and actually did some creations which were featured on the fashion show that out class produced as part of our junior year project, which I will be posting sometime soon when I scan those pics. I was able to get through with it, mainly because we were graded on the completed pieces and not so much the illustrations.

Years later, when I moved to Vancouver, I took a course in Fashion Illustration as part of my Fashion Merchandising Curriculum. I did better, although, the usual feedback I got from my instructor was that my style was too realistic, and that I should keep on practicing on my stylization.

To this day, I am still struggling to find the style that I am comfortable with, and am still experimenting. Thing is that fashion designing is no longer in my list of ambitions but my goal now is to be able to create an illustration that I shows the progress throughout my ongoing struggle.

3 responses to “My Struggles with the Human Anatomy

  1. I was going to get tacky and say something to the effect that I have been struggling with many human anatomies BUT I’ll behave myself!
    I saw “Pippin” last night–review coming

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