An Otherworldly Trip That Is, Flee

What did I just see?

So I thought after seeing the Electric Company Theater and Studio 58’s collaboration, Flee – an act of self preservation set to rare and significant music.

Flee brings us to an art house-like world where flea circuses are on its end days. A surreal, trippy world that transports its audience, and guaranteed to make you – as they say – scratch your head after. But it’s not actually a bad thing, considering the piece is very open for interpretation – is it metaphor? is that what I think it is?


Take it however you see it. Either way, the music and performers will engage or make one think, one or the other… or both.  Flee temporarily brings you to a micro world for an hour and some, and whether you have fun with it or not will depend how you digest this unique work.

Check Flee out at the Fox Cabaret on 2321 Main Street playing until December 06 2015.

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