Curious Contagious Is A Viral Visual Experience Unlike Any Other

From the creators of Caws & Effect, Mind of a Snail’s latest offering has the Vancouver Fringe Fest a-buzzed, with its spectacular shadow imagery, remarkable, light visuals, witty humor, and soothing soundtrack, all rendered and performed by creators Jessica Gabriel and Chloe Ziner.


Without giving most of the plot away, Curious Contagious tells a story of a blue collar unicorn and the viruses she contracted when she got bitten by a lizard living on the site where she is building a mega donut – or is it spelled “doughnut” – outlet.

Curious Contagious is not just another shadow puppetry presentation; it is a theatrical experience that will make you appreciate not only the art and the artists behind it, but also the message they deliver even with the very minimal spoken word said through the show.

The 32nd Vancouver Fringe Festival and its other 100+ shows continues until September 18, 2016.  For show locations and times, Download the 2016 program guide, and get tickets to Curious Contagious’ remaining performances!

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