A Canadian Premiere: Sechs

“Exploring a country through the bars and bedrooms of the nation.”

“Sechs” (zekhs) is a musical that follows six characters whose different beliefs about intimacy and relationships clash in bars and bedrooms.

Even with songs few and far in between, playwright Devon Simmons MacKinlay’s Sechs delivered its story with passion and precision, from line delivery to subtle choreographed scene transformations.

Tough not lavish, the musical performances, played in solo by alternating casts members Thelonious Kim-Marriott and Oliver Spilsbury manages to advance and maintain interest in the story

The 33nd Vancouver Fringe Festival and its other 100 shows continues until September 17, 2017.  For show locations and times, Download the 2017 program guide, and get tickets to Sech’s remaining performances!

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