Singin’ In The Rain Is a Sunny Frolic Into A True Classic

From cinema to stage, Royal City Musical Theatre‘s 30th annual offering, Singin’ In the Rain, is the perfect feel-good nostalgic romp into the golden era it had everyone leaving the theatre fully entertained, literally singing and humming into the drizzle that started to come down after the opening night show.

Singin’ In the Rain Full Cast; Photo: Tim Matheson

Based on the 1952 film starring Gene Kelly, Donald ‘O Connor and Debbie Reynolds,  Singin’ In the Rain is a certified classic with its timeless tunes and superb choreography that has inspired multiple productions around the world and this production lived up to or even surpassed expectations.

Set in 1927, silent film superstars Don Lockwood and Lina Lamont, are preparing to do their first “talkies” movie, The Dueling Cavalier, but everyone thinks Lina’s true voice will be a hindrance to the film’s success.  With the help of Don’s former entertainment partner, Cosmo Brown, they come up with a plan to dub over over Lina’s voice.  Enter Kathy Selden, an up and coming actress with dreams of her own but is willing to help the film and the the new man she just fell for.  All goes well for The Dueling Cavalier, and then Lina finds out…

Director and Choreographer Valerie Easton assembled one of the best cast and ensemble I have ever had the pleasure of seeing.  Each truly delivered it is so hard to mention any stand-outs, which, I believe, is a very good thing.  Andrew Cohen and Blake Sartin’s portrayal of the leading men,  Don Lockwood and Cosmo Brown, respectively, blended together perfectly it was just a delight to see them onstage, especially when they perform their tap dance numbers.  Tessa Trach’s Kathy Selden sings so soothingly beautiful that will transport you back in time, and Robyn Wallis’ portrayal of squeaky voiced Lina Lamont never fails to bring the house down.  Without any shortness of talent, the ensemble provided for very strong support, each showcasing powerful voices, dancing prowess, and rich acting.

Robyn Wallis; Photo: Tim Matheson

Talent was not limited to the stage, though, as special acclaim goes to Musical Director James Bryson and the Orchestra who masterfully fused the score with rich, crisp sounds that filled the Massey Theatre in just the right amount without overpowering anything that was happening onstage.

Definitely not to be missed, Singin’ In the Rain continues to play at the Massey Theatre, 735 8th Avenue, New Westminster until April 20, 2019.

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