Theatre Online: Anjou: The Musical Horror Tale

Anjou: The Musical Horror Tale is a Mexican opera by Guillermo Mendez M. with lyrics by Mendez and Guadalupe Sandoval that has been playing since 1986 and now it premieres with a new English translation by Javier Vilalta in concert form.

Set against the infamous St. Bartholomew’s Day Massacre, Anjou is a real life story of when Queen  Catherine de’Medici had her daughter Margot de Valois marry the Protestant King of Navarre in a plot for the Catholics to eradicate the Protestants.  A dark tale told in a modern opera mixing Renaissance, Latin, and pop sounds, Anjou presents a diverse but coherent concept akin to a Cameron Mackintosh or an Andrew Lloyd Webber production.

Performed in style of a concept album, each role is played by multiple actors, which may become confusing at times, but on second viewing, is easy to follow along.  Broadway heavyweights make up the cast which include Bianca Marroquin (Chicago), Taylor Iman Jones (Hamilton), Jay Taylor Armstrong (On the Town), Julia Murney (Wicked), Caroline Bowman (Kinky Boots), Austin Colby (Jersey Boys), Jelani Remy (Ain’t Too Proud), and Javier Munoz (Hamilton), just to name a few.

Thanks to Roberto Araujo’s direction and editing, Anjou shows us a really simple but very impressive visuals that makes the performers seem they’re in the same room even though they obviously did this Zoom-style.  Except maybe for real-life couple Bowman and Colby who are the only two people who actually had physical contact in their number.

The performance, which benefits Broadway Cares, is directed by The Rosie ‘O Donnell Show‘s JOhn McDaniel, and is available to view in and YouTube. Please consider a donation to help performers and artists while we are still in extended intermission.

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