tick, tick… thoughts.

Lin-Manuel Miranda’s directorial debut, Jonathan Larson’s tick, tick… Boom! is so highly anticipated this year and thankfully, it lived up to people’s expectations, so much so that there is a lot of buzz going on what with the awards season ongoing.

I haven’t seen any stage version so I don’t have any point of comparison, and that’s a good thing so pretty much, the movie is a whole new experience. So many booms! in this movie (I know, so cheesy but that’s but oh well) and should be a must-see. And here’s why:

Andrew Garfield. Performance, impeccable. HIs portrayal of Jonathan Larson truly gave justice and it was so surprising (for me) to hear his singing voice. I do know he has done stage work but this is probably the closest one to this experience. HIs gangly demeanor put a lot of life in the movie, and the emotions hit where it is needed. Side note – I know there is a recorded version of his Angels in America work and I should really look for it.

30/ 90. I’ve been listening to this song for years (alright, decades) now and it’s one of my favourite as it gave me a lot of Rent vibe. Opening the movie with this in such a smart way that it set the tone of the movie effectively it got me hooked, and I’ve been humming this since.

Sunday. So much has been written about this segment already and I can attest – if you are a theatre aficionado (or nerd?), this will be exciting.

Superbia. Much like Sunday, Superbia will also excite aficionados. It’s a who’s who kind of thing that’s why. While were at it, why stop here? Pretty much the whole movie is sprinkled with Broadway favourites – have a drink whenever you see one.

Lin-Manuel Miranda. What can I say? 2021 is a Lin-Manuel Miranda film festival – coming out with two animated moves (Vivo, Disney’s Encanto), an In the Heights adaptation, and then this, his feature directorial debut capping the year. tick, tick… Boom! closed off his year with a good high, and hopefully will continue on to his new projects. That said, I am definitely looking forward to the next one.

Finally, the movie could not have been done without the talented supporting cast that includes Joshua Henry, Vanessa Hudgens, Alexandra Shipp, Robin de Jesus, among others.

I’m really glad this Jonathan Larson musical found a new generation of audience and is now justly immortalized. Catch this on Netflix, or better yet, the big screen if its still on.

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