Theatre Online: Anything Goes

I’m so appreciative of the British theatre, especially when they film a production and releases them in theaters, and then eventually, on television. It provides a wider reach of audience who are not able to catch a production in the West End. The last screening offered was Cole Porter’s 2021 London revival of Anything Goes, the Kathleen Marshall version that played on Broadway in 2011.

Released in British theaters last November and December 2021, and aired on BBC after, the production starred Sutton Foster – who returns to the role she won a Tony for ten years prior – as Reno Sweeny, and Robert Lindsay as Moonface Martin, supported by a cast and ensemble that made for a very grand show.

The musical is lots of fun, and that pretty much summarizes my thoughts on this. Filled with classic Cole Porter songs like I Get A Kick Out of You and It’s De-Lovely, among others, it is backed by breath taking choreography by Marshall and visually stunning sets and costumes that will bring you back in time. Among my notables (most are dance-centric) on this show are:

Carly Mercedes Dyer was scene-stealing as Erma. It was always delightful when she appears on stage. I’m so glad she got an 11 ‘o clock number in Buddie Beware.

The Gypsy In Me number with Haydn Oakley and Sutton Foster was a whimsical number that showcased Oakley’s Lord Evelyn Oakleigh character, and I felt this number was so essential in turning the plot to where it should be going.

The Anything Goes number which closed the first act was a true show stopper with its breath taking choreography. It just made me smile. That’s all.

The Run, Gabriel, Run segment confused me and I thought it was more of a filler number that didn’t really help the plot. It still does, and maybe I will get it later on, but the number itself was so good I don’t care anymore. This was a good number and probably my favourite among others.

Robert Lindsay‘s Moonface Martin. If there’s any con man you’d root for, he is it.

Sutton Foster. She didn’t win her second Tony award for this role for nothing. A truly remarkable performance and I am glad it was captured on film and I was able to watch her in the role.

Kathleen Marshall‘s direction and choreography, of course. I just truly appreciate her work. If you’re able to, check out her version of Kiss Me, Kate on Tubi, and the TV special of Once Upon a Mattress on Disney Plus.

When this film makes it to Broadway HD or any other streaming platform, I recommend seeing this classic because it truly is a remarkable production which I am so glad got a chance to be immortalized for the third time.

UPDATE (15/01/22) – It was recently announced that this filmed show will be shown across theaters in North America in March 2022! Access tickets, enjoy, and let me know what you think!

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