March/ April Reads

Slow two months of reading – a mixture of really good ones and and a forgettable one.

Middle School’s A Drag – You Better Werk! by Greg Howard

Thought I’d read something light hearted and this was a good choice. Although I didn’t relate with the main character, I found everyone else very interesting and the story does have heart. Some plots I thought were too forced and unnecessary and the ending is just a big cheese fest in a Nickelodeon kind of way, but despite that, I still enjoyed reading this and am somewhat interested and curious how everything turns out, that is, if a sequel is on the horizon.

Rated 4 stars on Goodreads

The Lost Village by Camilla Stein

I don’t know what it it about The Lost Village. I really wanted to like it. It has a lot of stuff that I like – suspenseful, eerie, intriguing – and yet, I found it was so tough to finish. As in, this took me weeks to get through. Each chapter, even when it started unfolding, just didn’t hold my interest (at one point in the middle of a chapter, I laid the book down and took a nap – not a good sign). But I persevered and finished it. It pains me that I didn’t like the book, but hopefully, it’s just me.

Rated 2 stars on Goodreads

The St. Andrews Werewolf by Eric Wilson

I came across this book by chance, not knowing anything about the series or the author. For something that was written in the early 90s, this was somewhat refreshing, that is, a series based and set in Canada – this one in New Brunswick.
The story itself is very tongue-in-cheek. Very juvenile but it held my interest anyway? The writing is okay at best – might not hold up today what with some cringey stereotyping that would not pass the SJW vibe today. Oh and the Annie musical reference was kind of bugging me, but it’s just my theater snob working I guess. Not saying it’s a bad book , it just needs updating. If I find any other ones jn the series, I’d give it a read.

Rated 3 stars on Goodreads

The Seven Husbands of Evelyn Hugo by Taylor Jenkins Reid

Loved it. Loved it so much!

Evelyn Hugo is such a character it’s really interesting in how Ms. Jenkins Reid presented her to us and in a non conventional way of storytelling. Every chapter pulled me in so I ended up practically binging on the book (I say practically because I had to attend to life but the book is pretty much at the back of my head, living rent-free).

The way this unfolded not even a quarter into the story got me invested in how things will work out. A little twist towards the end, though its been hinted beforehand. It’s also nice that one of the characters got their own spin off in a more recent book. Hopefully, it becomes a sort of Evelyn Hugo universe as there are a lot of interesting characters in this one. I’m really curious to see how our main protagonist turns out, and it would be interesting to see the events from another point of view.

This definitely goes on my favourites library.

Rated 5 stars on Goodreads

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