On Tour: Prety Woman the Musical

The Pretty Woman musical touring production is a delightful and uplifting show that captures the spirit of the classic 1990 romantic comedy film – although this production is set in the 80’s. The musical features catchy tunes, dance numbers, and a talented cast that brings the story of street worker Vivian played by Jesse Davidson making her touring debut and businessman Edward played by Adam Pascal (Rent, Aida) to life.

The production captures the essence of the film from the dialogue (sometimes to a tee) to the costumes recreated by Gregg Barnes while offering its own unique take on the characters and their relationships. The chemistry between the lead actors is palpable, and their performances are both charming and emotional, backed by a talented supporting cast which enhanced the show. Highlights of the casting are the expanded roles of minor players from the movie – Kit DeLuca played by Jessica Crouch (Pretty Woman on Broadway), Giulio the bellhop played by Trent Soyster (Escape to Margaritaville), and Travis Ward-Osborne (Miss Saigon, Moulin Rouge, Aladdin) in the dual role of Mr. Thompson, the hotel manager, and Happy Man, the part in the movie with a very small but memorable line which in the show has expanded to give more life and character on stage.

Packed with original music by Bryan Adams (yes, that one) and Jim Vallance, the songs are fun and truly captures the mood of the show. In fact, the first number, “Welcome to Hollywood” will already give you a glimpse of what to expect in the next hours. The musical’s choreography by director Jerry Mitchell is a true highlight – energetic numbers that are well-executed which adds to the overall entertainment value of the show. The scenic design and impressive lighting effectively transports the audience to various locations and enhances the emotional impact of certain scenes.

Overall, the “Pretty Woman” musical touring production is a must-see for fans of the film or anyone who loves a good romantic comedy. It’s a fun and engaging show that will leave you feeling uplifted and entertained. If you get a chance, see Pretty Woman which is playing internationally or in a North American tour.


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