Books: Misty Copeland: Life in Motion

Misty Copeland: Life in Motion is an autobiography written by renowned ballet dancer and the first African American female principal dancer with the American Ballet Theatre, Misty Copeland. The young readers’ edition book, which was published in 2014, chronicles Copeland’s life and career, from her early childhood to her rise as a groundbreaking figure in the ballet world.

Copeland shares her personal journey, including the challenges she faced growing up in a low-income family, her struggles with body image and self-esteem, and her experiences as a ballet student and professional dancer. She opens up about her early exposure to dance, her training at the Boys and Girls Club, and her eventual breakthrough into the world of ballet. She also discusses the racism and discrimination she encountered as a black ballet dancer in a predominantly white and elitist art form. She shares her struggles with being one of the few black dancers in prestigious ballet companies, and the pressure to conform to traditional ballet standards while trying to break barriers and create her own path.

Misty Copeland: Life in Motion young readers’ edition published by Scholastic Paperbacks

The book also delves into Copeland’s incredible achievements, including her historic promotion to principal dancer with the American Ballet Theatre in 2015, which made her the first African American woman to hold that position in the company’s 75-year history, sharing her passion for using her platform to promote diversity and inclusion in the ballet world, and her dedication to inspiring young dancers from underrepresented communities.

Beyond her professional life, Life in Motion also looks into Copeland’s personal struggles, relationships, and triumphs. She shares her experiences with injuries, the sacrifices she made for her career, and her unwavering determination to overcome obstacles and pursue her dreams.

Misty Copeland: Life in Motion is a compelling and inspirational autobiography that offers a candid and powerful account of Copeland’s life and career. It sheds light on the challenges and triumphs of being a black woman in the ballet world, and serves as a testament to Copeland’s resilience, talent, and groundbreaking achievements as a trailblazer in the world of dance.


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