I heart the arts and have been a theatre lover and avid follower on what’s happening on the theatre scene on Broadway, the West End, Vancouver (where I currently reside), Seattle (because it’s a major stop for touring companies and its fairly close to where I live), and Manila (where I originated from).

I graduated with a Bachelor’s Degree in Fine Arts, Major in Advertising as well, finished a diploma course in Fashion Merchandising and had used my skills for a couple of years doing graphic design and visual merchandising.

Currently, I have gone from the design industry and had only been doing creative projects on the side.  I find this helpful as it gives me variety in what I do; now having an outlet to bring out creativity without the pressure of doing it 24/7, and, in the process, enjoy it more than I used to.

Recently, I finished the Meisner Foundation acting technique classes under Michelle Meyrink (Revenge of the Nerds, The Outsiders) of Actorium, formerly Open Stage Acting Studio.  This helped me understand and try to get into an actor’s mind and view when they are on stage.

There’s a lot to learn with this technique and I honestly found it a hard one to learn so I may be continuing on with it soon, as I found it’s a very good outlet to let emotions out without the real life stress.

Other than theatre – musical or otherwise – I had developed a passion for running and had been doing long distances since 2013, and so far had participated in various 10K and half marathon runs, as well as a full marathon (so far).

email: ericabel888@gmail.com

Twitter/ Instagram: @ericdarryl

3 responses to “About/Me

  1. Hi Darryl–I’ve been going to shows since the original opening of “Oklahoma” on Broadway–yes I am old! LOL
    Love theatre–glad I was born during the Golden Age of theatre with Mary Martin, Ethel Merman, John Riatt, Alfred Drake, all the R & H musicals, etc. Now I do reviews of touring companies in South Florida for broadwayshowbiz.com
    Do you read talkinbroadway/allthatchat?

  2. Hi Martin! GreatMartin!
    It must have been wonderful being able to experience such classics during its Golden Age! I’m looking forward to reading your reviews!

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