MARTHA WAINWRIGHT: Love Will Be Reborn Tour

The Massey Theatre is excited to kick off its season with the beguiling performer and songwriter, Martha Wainwright, gracing the Massey stage as part of the tour of her new album, Love Will Be Reborn for one night only, on Tuesday, November 16 at 7:30pm.

Her first record in five years, Wainwright has called it her “middle coming of age album”. Love Will Be Reborn captures Wainwright’s heart in transition. The album follows recent years of loneliness and clarity in search of optimism and joy.

“The songs in the album do have its playful and sensual side running parallel to some grim honesty”, stated Wainwright. “Other songs represent me trying to shake away the past a little bit, the ball and chain of that anger, trying to escape from it. In an effort to rise out of some painful depth,” she stated, “like a phoenix from the ashes of an existential twilight.”

Martha Wainwright’s role as an artist has always been to embrace her wildness and sketch out her raw depth. This edge is what makes Wainwright uncompromisingly herself and continues to draw in an audience two decades on.

Love Will Be Reborn was made during a global pandemic at the basement of her brand-new cafe, Ursa in Montreal with the help of Toronto musicians Thom Gill, Phil Melanson and Josh Cole, and producer Pierre Marchand. The process, both freeing and infuriating, offered Wainwright a new way of creating. She let go a little more, giving way for Marchand to play around with her vocals, emphasizing the beauty in its inherent scratchiness and edge.

Get your tickets now and enjoy the return of live music with this incredible performer! Relish the return of live music and also enjoy opening act Bernice, the indie pop band from Toronto, fronted by singer and songwriter Robin Dann.

Tickets are $45 and on sale now at

All safety protocols including a vaccine card will be in place prior to entering the venue.

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