Theatre Online: Piaf… Her Story… Her Songs…

Broadway’s Best Shows presents a streaming presentation of French singer and actress, Raquel Bitton‘s Piaf… Her Story… Her Songs… , a documentary concert that gives us a glimpse of the life of French chanteuse, Edith Piaf.

Featuring classics such as Non je ne regrette rien, Bravo pour le clown, and the widely popular, La Vie En Rose, among others, Piaf… Her Story… Her Songs… not only showcases Bitton’s talent in stepping into Piaf’s character, it also presents her commitment in knowing the life of the performer, going as far as assembling people who were involved in Piaf’s life, and incorporating it into the film to give us a very in-depth look at the life, celebrating her challenges and success, all in an hour and a half.

Piaf… Her Story… Her Songs… streams at Broadway’s Best Shows and the Actors Fund‘s YouTube channels until February 18, 2021 but if you don’t catch it by then, the DVD is also available.

The show is presented free but please consider donating to The Actors Fund to benefit the entertainment industry currently affected by the ongoing pandemic.

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